Ahh, his is based on TF, and in fact one of the re...
# contribute
Ahh, his is based on TF, and in fact one of the reasons we never published it is because of the very bugs you note, @white-oxygen-65730. I'll ask him to jump in here.
@white-oxygen-65730, I worked on a provider for GitHub based on the Terraform provider earlier this year. As Joe mentions, we did run into some flakiness in the TF provider that we haven't had the cycles to investigate and contribute fixes for. Our provider also needs to be updated to use the latest Pulumi bits. Happy to get you access or open up the repo if it'd help as a starting point. Let me know.
We also built a library on top for doing serverless GH webhooks, but this has also bitrotted a little. @bitter-oil-46081 ended up writing a pure Pulumi provider for GitHub webhooks rather than getting the TF-based provider (and library on top) in shape. See https://blog.pulumi.com/managing-github-webhooks-with-pulumi for details.
@white-oxygen-65730 I added you as a collaborator to that private repo, just so you can see what we've done (https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-github). From the sounds of it, we may not want to go forward there. Ironically, if you look way back in the history of that repo, we began by implementing it from scratch, since the CRUD operations actually line up very closely to GitHub's RESTful APIs for various resource types. Definitely eager to help you here -- keep us posted.