I also made `pulumi-epsagon`, and I want to publis...
# contribute
I also made
, and I want to publish it in the pulumi github org. I have some related questions, if someone from the team can devote me some time.
Absolutely - happy to help with this. I did a prorotype of getting this working with Epsagon a month ago - so happy to share notes. Feel free to invite me to your existing project and I can take a look. Would love to get this working and over in
Nice thanks Luke.
What’s nice is that the example that doesn’t work with iopipe integ is working with epsagon so maybe the culprit is iopipe ?
Looks great! Left a couple notes on the latest commit. One thing to think about - if you use
to define this, you'll likely want to do an explicit build to
and then to publish the package with the
) files so that JavaScript users can use it without any concerns. This was why for this simple example I just went with
in the
repo. If you get things set up to author and publish via TS in this repo though (looks like you may want that cause you have new types you are exposing here) - happy to also port that infrastructure back to the iopipe repo as well.
Yeah, I’m looking at how pulumi-serverless is published with make and travis and I would like to copy that
but as I said I don’t really know what I can do and what I can’t
will look more into it