Hey! I started to try using Pulumi with Github Act...
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Hey! I started to try using Pulumi with Github Actions and figured out a few problems: https://github.com/pulumi/actions/issues/16 and https://github.com/pulumi/actions/issues/17 So I decided to try a different approach to run
. Instead of dockerized action, I made two js actions: To install pulumi — https://github.com/prepor/setup-pulumi and to run pulumi — https://github.com/prepor/github-pulumi It works quite well and I think in general it's a more flexible and customizable approach. For example, it doesn't care about gcloud auth anymore, it could be done in different actions. And it solves both my issues too 🙂 What do you think?
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Love it! This is indeed a much more flexible approach. Cc @colossal-beach-47527 @clever-sunset-76585 @big-piano-35669 who may also be interested in this. Thanks for sharing!
@white-balloon-205 but there is one problem. For some reason Pulumi Github App don't want to visit my PRs (pushs are fine) 😞 https://github.com/prepor/github-pulumi/pull/1
one more reason to use this approach: we started using private npm packages with pulumi-nodejs SDK. it adds more requirements for an environment where pulumi runs