Hello, the Azure nextgen provider is based on a co...
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Hello, the Azure nextgen provider is based on a code generation build setup, starting from the Azure specs. Is anything of this code generation setup publicly accessible? The XenAPI specs are published too: https://github.com/xapi-project/xapi-project.github.io/tree/master/_data (xenapi.json) The reason I’m asking is that I’m interested in creating a XenAPI provider (to manage a home lab server).
Hey @limited-rainbow-51650, At this time, the provider generation code is closed source - if you want to build something native, you can look at the pulumi-kubernetes library as that also generates code from an open api spec - the azure provider works from a slightly different angle at this time
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I think there was an idea to create a model provider purely driven by an Open API spec. Both k8s and Azure have a ton of stuff specific to those providers.
And so will the XenAPI provider probably. There is a single JSON file which is applicable to all versions of the XenAPI, documenting when fields and operations came into existance or where phased out. See the
section in the
. This is also an XML-RPC based API where I also have to get the authentication in place. I’m not there yet, but starting from the spec would also give me a 100% coverage at day 1 (give or take some bugs in the generation 🤪).