Hey guys! Quick question about dynamic providers. ...
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Hey guys! Quick question about dynamic providers. In the docs, it says you should only consider implementing a dynamic provider in this case:
You need to manage a cloud resource that doesn’t have provider support, and you expect to only use it from within one program. If you expect to use it from many programs, and in many languages, implementing a full provider is preferable.
Why is that? From my point of view, if there’s a fairly simple set of resources we’ll be interacting with, even if we do it in many pulumi projects across our organization, using a dynamic provider that we distribute as an NPM library seems simpler than implementing a full provider. This is partly because we don’t feel too confident implementing a full provider. Like what would we do in that case? Create a Terraform provider and then use that to generate a Pulumi provider? Cuz that does not seem easier than implementing a dynamic provider. Note that we only care about having a nodejs sdk
Hi. I think you should look at component : https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/programming-model/#components. This seems more appropriate to what you described)
Alex I feel the same way. As someone that has done both its way easier to develop/test/and debug dynamic providers. I am somewhat concerned that the dynamic provider framework may not be mature enough though I am having some issues recently. Building a full provider does provide more long term stability and reliability so I think to me at least that would be the biggest reason. I am with you we are only using TS support for other languages really is not a concern.