Hi everyone! I’m trying to make the <https://githu...
# contribute
Hi everyone! I’m trying to make the pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate easier to use by updating README, fixing Makefile, etc. Please let me know what was hard for you when you tried to use it for the first time. What went wrong? What was unclear? That’s my first PR on that topic. Maybe you would have some comments on that too.
Hey @wooden-fish-92631 - thanks so much for this - I will ping you about this tomorrow when I'm online and working to see what issues you have had - I've used this a LOT and not had any errors so we will work through this - thanks again!
Hey @broad-dog-22463 Did you have any chance to look at my PR? Today I published nodejs package for my provider and I’ve found that tfgen sets the package name as
but it’s not an official pulumi provider. Is there any way to set package name as
by args for tfgen or replace by sed is the only option?