Is there a general reference for getting setup loc...
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Is there a general reference for getting setup locally to develop on pulumi packages, specifically awsx in this case? I’ve been reverse engineering the process from the
, but would like to avoid blindspots. I found that
and are required, then I can run
make build_nodejs
as long as I have
in my
, so I’m able to run
make test
. Additionally, I’d like to be able to test my changes to this package in my Pulumi project before opening a PR.
Also the
seems inaccurate, unless I’m missing a step.
make test_all
does not exist in the
and the main is not very relevant to developing for this nodejs package.
Hey @millions-furniture-75402 You are really correct here and we don't have a good set of docs for this area - would you mind raising a bug in pulumi/pulumi and point this out so we can get it rectified? Thanks!
Certainly, I’ll make a note to write something up. Here’s my first Pulumi contribution
I just saw it! Thanks so much 🙂 I will get it reviewed this week - I absolutely love when community members send us PRs - especially since we've not made it easy to do so!
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I will ensure that we get better docs added
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thank you so much!!
There is another issue I’ve had to work-around, that I would like to open a PR for, but as I began work on the feature branch, I realized the problem is bigger than my specific use case.
For my use case,
requires storageType
— but there are many other storage types not supported referenced here: