Hi everybody, I wanted to start working on <this>...
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Hi everybody, I wanted to start working on this issue, but having a hard time understanding how development works, probably because of the fact that I’ve never done Go before and I’m a complete noob (TS/JS is my main language). I’ve managed to fork the project and install dependencies, I can even build using the
command (although some errors do pop up when tests are run)… But what I don’t understand is … once I make the change in the CLI code, how can I actually see my changes? For example, let’s say I wanted to add a simple
parameter to the CLI’s
command, is there a way for me to run the CLI and see it in action immediately, once I’ve done the code change? Sorry for the noob questions, and I’m sorry if I missed a piece of info somewhere in your contributions guide. 🙂 It’s not that I’m asking a step-by-step solution / answer. If there’s a URL that you might find useful / that could get me up to speed faster, I’d appreciate that too. 🙂
BTW, in case you were wondering…. some of the errors that pop up once I run
(on Mac)
Hey! Would you be up for doing a call to talk through this? Might be faster to talk than type.
Those specific errors I think are related to automation API, you’ll have to set a test org to run the tests. But that’s probably not relevant for what you’re doing.
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yeah, that would be awesome 🙂
any time is good for me, but if you want, we can schedule something
I have meetings for the next couple of hours but have some time after. I’ll send you an invite and we can adjust as needed.