Hi everyone! I’ve built a proof of concept of usin...
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Hi everyone! I’ve built a proof of concept of using Pulumi Automation API in k8s operator. Is this example good enough to publish it and send a PR with a link to pulumi automation examples? The main idea of the operator is to give easy access to cloud resources for developers. For example, developers work on an authorization service and they need a Redis cluster. They just create a small CRD in the service’s helm chart and apply it. Something like this:
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kind: RedisCluster
  name: auth-redis
  memory: 16Gb
k8s operator creates Redis Cluster in AWS with all companies security policies and best practices while developers don’t even need to know in which cloud their code runs. Proof of concept is written in Go with OperatorSDK.
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Hey @wooden-fish-92631 yeah, that sounds awesome! Definitely do make a PR to automation-api-examples and we’d love to link to you project 🙂
I thought about it, but we do it the other way around. We aim not to use Helm charts for services.
For example, with a given Redis customer resource, how would the service get the cluster credentials? If the service itself creates a Redis stack, it will be able to get the stack output and use the resource
Operator can create a secret with Redis credentials and k8s externalName with redis domain