Hi together, I’ve migrated our whole infrastructur...
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Hi together, I’ve migrated our whole infrastructure setup from Terrafom to Pulumi. Pulumi is a very great tool and the whole company supports the migration. We use AWS and Heroku. For Heroku I’ve created the pulumi-heroku provider with the
repository a time ago to start and migrate. (https://github.com/moneymeets/pulumi-heroku) Now I would like to upgrade to the new pulumi version 3.x and I need to upgrade the provider. I’ve seen that there are a lot of changes and need some help. I would like to share the provider with the community and would kindly ask if there is somebody who can help and perhaps adopt this provider? Thanks in advance. Best wishes Marcel
Hi @wide-cat-87818
Sorry I missed your message here - moving back to DM so we can discuss this