Hi! I've been loving pulumi and came across a bug ...
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Hi! I've been loving pulumi and came across a bug in
(#310) I believe I have a fix and wanted to put forward a PR but just wanted to check if I need to name the branch in my fork anything specific (I see other branches using
but can't tell if the username gets applied upon merge or if I need to name the branch that in my fork. (First time contributing to open-source so apologies for the simple question)
hey there! any branch name is fine, we run the tests on PR, so just send the PR upstream and ping us and we'll take a look!
thanks so much for contributing!
Thanks! Was a really tiny fix (#311). Would really appreciate hearing feedback if I missed anything I should be doing for a PR so I know for future
@helpful-book-29233 unfortunately your fix won't quite work, because the SDK folder is automatically generated from the resource itself 😞
Ah might have jumped the gun a bit then, any chance you could please point me in the right direction for what controls that?
it'll need to be a codegen update, which is out my wheelhouse ability unfortunately...
I'm confused about how the codgen works. I saw a previous PR which had edited the same line of code, was that edit generated from this schema?
i could be wrong, let's leave the PR open and I'll get some from eng tomorrow to take a look
thanks for diggign in
Ok cheers, I've just never worked with codegen before so will be happy to learn more if I've got things mixed up
That's not a codegen file, it's handwritten - so you're all good @helpful-book-29233
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It's one of the few overlays in the docker provider... most of the rest of it is generated but these files are handwritten: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-docker/blob/master/provider/resources.go#L141-L147
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