I am planning to use Pulumi using C# to implement...
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I am planning to use Pulumi using C# to implement Azure Infrastructure resilience (Multi Region) for components like Azure Resource Group, DNS, Azure App Services, Azure SQL Server etc. Where I can find some sample or approach guide to implement this. Thank you for your help in advance!!
There are a bunch of examples here https://www.pulumi.com/docs/tutorials/azure/ not all are in c# but if you follow the c# ones to understand the concepts of working in pulumi then you can read the other language ones relatively easily
Thank You James for the useful links. Is there any specific links which i can follow for Multi Region Deployment Scenarios in Azure using Pulumi
for multi region what you can do is load up your
file with the credentials (as secrets) in an array with items for each region, then create new azure providers for each set.
If you create a component for your entire stack then you can pass the provider into this, if you want a monolithic approach to things
the azure provider docs: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/cloud-providers/azure/ (the configuration section)
Thank you James!!
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