Hi all, I’m starting out on <a native provider for...
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Hi all, I’m starting out on a native provider for Microsoft’s SQL Server database. I didn’t find a Terraform one to build on with the bridge, which the Postgres and MySQL ones both do, so I’m flying blind a bit. I’ve got myself up and running with the boilerplate repo, which is pretty neat! Thank you for providing this resource, it’s a massive leg up 💜 I’ve some questions now I’ve got further into the development process… Are there any tests you run against a provider to validate its behaviour before adopting it? It would be really useful if the boilerplate repo came with something like this, so I know what the expected contract/behaviour is. Straight out of the gate I need to handle config for the provider (so it knows which database host to connect to and how, etc.) but info on this seems to be buried deep in the documentation. How do I implement, e.g.,
? How do I know if the values provided to
were previously processed by it? (So the method can be skipped)
Hello @ripe-russia-4239, another native provider you can take as an example is the provider to our own Pulumi hosted service: https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/pulumiservice/ Here is the source to the provider implementation: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-pulumiservice/blob/main/provider/pkg/provider/provider.go Have a look at this one first. If you would still have any more questions, do reach out.
Thank you, I will do 👍🏻
@limited-rainbow-51650 thanks for those references, they were useful. The thing I keep coming back to is “how do I know this thing works within Pulumi?“. Beyond the example project provided, what are the integration testing options available to me?