I’m creating a DB with the azure-native provider, ...
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I’m creating a DB with the azure-native provider, and setting some configuration flags on the database. If I add more than a handful of flags, I see errors which I believe are due to rate limiting from the Azure API. We have had this problem using Terraform, as well. Is it possible to restrict how often Pulumi calls out to the API, to avoid this? I’m creating a dbforpostgresql.Server and about 20 flags using dbforpostgresql.Configuration. Alternatively, is there some better way to do this? Using the GCP API, the equivalent of this is to include a list of flags when creating the server. The way this works in Azure feels very clumsy.
--parallel <int>
can reduce parallelism during the up command.
Thanks, @mammoth-agency-10350. We ended up having to turn that pretty far down, to get all of these DB config flags through without getting rate limited.