Anyone know of any resources comparing Pulumi Serv...
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Anyone know of any resources comparing Pulumi Service with Spacelift? Context: My team is currently considering Atlantis vs Spacelift in the context of improving our (frustrating) Terraform workflow. Want to make the argument that the Pulumi framework has these things integrated and our time would be better spent migrating to Pulumi Thanks!
Here's a post comparing Spacelift and Atlantis — which might be useful as a basis for comparing Pulumi Service.
hey Gregory! i’ll jot something down, but a tl;dr Spacelift is primarily an execution mechanism (essentially a CI/CD tool for terraform) Atlantis is a coupling mechanism for terraform modules with state backends Pulumi doesn’t need any of this. The service itself doesn’t have a “deployment engine” (yet)
Thanks @billowy-army-68599!