Hi , I am new to pulumi and wanted to create an aw...
# aws
Hi , I am new to pulumi and wanted to create an aws AMI From Instance using this code (pulumi with js) :
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const backup = new aws.ec2.AmiFromInstance(`try-AMI`,{
  sourceInstanceId : 'i-0000000000',
  description:`AMI from instance`, 
// Export the name of the bucket
exports.backupName = backup.name;
exports.backupId = backup.id;
exports.backupArn = backup.arn;
I got this error :
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error: update failed

 aws:ec2:AmiFromInstance (try-AMI -1892022115):
   error: 1 error occurred:
       * error creating EC2 AMI try-AMI -1892022115-a6bdcdd) from EC2 Instance ('i-0000000000'): InvalidInstanceID.NotFound: The instance ID 'i-0000000000'' does not exist
       status code: 400, request id: c8ef283f-2cec-4e95-8439-d03cd3369c9b
in the aws managment console I see the instance (running) , can anybody help me please ? thank you.
is the AMI id in the right region? the same you’re trying to deploy to?
That was the issue, Thank you.