Hi everyone! Pulumi noob here. I have an existing...
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Hi everyone! Pulumi noob here. I have an existing cert in GCP and I'm trying to do an import of a self managed cert but I always get warnings about a missing private_key. I figure I am running the command incorrectly. Do I need to specify a private key file during the import, though that is not an available option for this command.. When doing an import with terraform it worked fine with just a reference to the cert name and id in GCP. pulumi import gcpcompute/sSLCertificateSSLCertificate test_cert my_gcp_project/test_cert Any help appreciated. https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/gcp/api-docs/compute/sslcertificate/ Error:
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warning: One or more imported inputs failed to validate. This is almost certainly a bug in the `gcp` provider. The import will still proceed, but you will need to edit the generated code after copying it into your program.
    warning: gcp:compute/sSLCertificate:SSLCertificate resource 'test_cert' has a problem: Missing required argument: The argument "private_key" is required, but no definition was found.. Examine values at 'SSLCertificate.PrivateKey'.