Hello team. I'm trying to register for this worksh...
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Hello team. I'm trying to register for this workshop, but after submitting the form I never receive any confirmation by email: https://www.pulumi.com/resources/pulumi-101-fundamentals-python-and-docker/
Hey Sigmund, sorry about that. What e-mail address did you use? (You can DM me, if you don’t want to share your e-mail in this thread.) I can check internally to see if your registration is active.
Hello there @Pulumi. Just came across your solution via a YouTube Ad. How often do you run the Pulumi 101: Fundamentals with Python and Docker training? Do you have a recorded link for this October session? Would like to learn how to use your IaC platform without knowing any code today. Python will be my preferred path though. Looking forward. Pulumi Up! Cheers!!!
There’s a bunch of recorded videos, some of various workshops we’ve run, found on YouTube. For example:


Feel free to start with some of these videos, and then let us know if you get stuck and we’d be happy to help!