Hi guys, we had a really strange issue with Pulumi...
# kubernetes
Hi guys, we had a really strange issue with Pulumi and AKS yesterday. pulumi would throw an error and say that the deployment failed, but the resource was actually created in kuberentes. In other cases, the resource would be acknowledged as created, but pulumi timed out while polling for the resource to be fully initialized. This is less of a problem than pulumi not recording that the resource was created. In that case, retries on the deployment would fail, because the resource already exists. I am thinking it is related to timeouts? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64638116/change-pulumis-timeout-when-deploying-kubernetes-resources
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 '    error: 1 error occurred:\n'
 '    \t* resource ingress-nginx-private/private-nginx-ingress-controller was '
 'successfully created, but the Kubernetes API server reported that it failed '
 'to fully initialize or become live: Timeout occurred polling for '
Has anyone else had issues with pulumi deployments failing, but resources still being created in AKS?