hi all, we're running into significant snags tryin...
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hi all, we're running into significant snags trying to serialize native functions using the lambda serializer. the issue on gitlab doesn't seem to have any specific workarounds.
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error: Error serializing function 'checkForReports': lambda.ts(48,24)
    function 'checkForReports': lambda.ts(48,24): referenced
      '(env, project) => __awaiter(void 0,  ...': configs.js(409,24): which referenced
        function 'Config': configs.js(46,15): which referenced
          function 'getNewGasPrice': configs.js(131,18): which captured
            module './../../packages/contracts-api/dist/src/utils/logger.js' which indirectly referenced
              function '<anonymous>': create-logger.js(71,46): which captured
                variable 'logger' which indirectly referenced
                  function 'value': buffer_list.js(199,25): which referenced
                    function 'inspect': which captured
                      'ObjectKeys', a function defined at
                        function 'keys': which could not be serialized because
                          it was a native code function.

  Function code:
      function keys() { [native code] }
    Capturing modules can sometimes cause problems.
    Consider using import('./../../packages/contracts-api/dist/src/utils/logger.js') or require('./../../packages/contracts-api/dist/src/utils/logger.js') inside function 'getNewGasPrice': configs.js(131,18)
is there anything we can do to get this working without switching to the zip?