Hello Everyone, I'm looking to create something l...
# golang
Hello Everyone, I'm looking to create something like this using Pulumi Azure Native. I may be wrong but it appears there may be a type missing. The C# version works: C# Version
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var systemSubscription = new AzureNative.EventGrid.SystemTopicEventSubscription("subscription-level-events", new AzureNative.EventGrid.SystemTopicEventSubscriptionArgs
            Destination = new AzureNative.EventGrid.Inputs.ServiceBusQueueEventSubscriptionDestinationArgs
                EndpointType = "ServiceBusQueue",
                ResourceId = queue.Id,
            SystemTopicName = systemTopic.Name,
            ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name
but in Go, there doesn't seem to be a struct for
and I'm unable to specify the "ServiceBusQueue" endpoint type and queue ID. Go Version:
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systemSubscription, err := eventgrid.NewSystemTopicEventSubscription(ctx, "subscription-level-events", &eventgrid.SystemTopicEventSubscriptionArgs{
		Destination:       &eventgrid.ServiceBusQueueEventSubscriptionDestinationArgs{  // <-- missing type ?

		SystemTopicName:   systemTopic.Name,
		ResourceGroupName: resourceGroup.Name,
Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated. Thank you !
Forgot to post update but in case it's useful, using the azure classic provider vs. the Azure Narive provider allowed me to create a ServicebusQueueEVentSubscription:
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_, err = eventgridc.NewSystemTopicEventSubscription(ctx, "systemSubscript", &eventgridc.SystemTopicEventSubscriptionArgs{
		SystemTopic:               systemTopic.Name,
		ResourceGroupName:         resourceGroup.Name,
		ServiceBusQueueEndpointId: queue.ID(),