I've written my first blog post about my experienc...
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I've written my first blog post about my experience doing an initial deep dive of Pulumi, what I learned, what surprised me, along with how I think it adds values beyond just "use code". I used Terraform as my basic comparison - more or less as that's my only other IaC experience in production. I would like to know if anyone would be willing to proof read it - correct me if I told porkies or otherwise did something "less than optimal". I'm always learning and I value the hints / tips I've received already in the community. Before I link; is this the right place / channel to do so? Thanks.
I'll ping internally, someone from DevRel could probably take a look
ok, then I'll leave the link here - I appreciate someone spending the time to check. https://blog.effective-flow.ch/posts/2022/pulumi-why-it-matters/
thank you
Hi! I gave it a quick pass, and two things to note: 1) it seems that the image for the Google Trends isn't showing up (I just see a blank area where I presume an image should be). This is just a FYI and not about the content :) 3) when you refer to the “Native API” we tend to refer to that as a “Native _Provider_” instead. That said, in a case like your blog post, my personal opinion is if that makes more sense to the point you're trying to make, that's fine! (While I am a Pulumi employee and on our devrel team, this isn't a full review; I did an initial pass here) Also - what a great blog post! In fact, I should have led with that. This was a really good read.
Thanks for the time you took - and the comments, I will add that Pulumi calls it "xyz" ... does the thing flow ok conceptually for you too?
and I'll stop trying to be fancy and simply embed an image of the trends...
fixed & pushed.
Is there anywhere that I can post this kind of experience in the Slack channel? Announcements isn't it, general it too, well, general and sometimes blog posts are shill platforms - that seems inappropriate for this kind of material. what about a new channel for community posts?
I think we're generally fine with people posting links to interesting blogs in general.