Hi, Using pulumi since 2021, last week i changed m...
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Hi, Using pulumi since 2021, last week i changed my cluster on gcp from public to private. Ofc, needed to change nodepool and pulumi is stuck on
state from the nodepool since 1week and every deploiement finish with "timeout" after 30mins.
pulumi refresh
didn't solved issue, and nodepool is fine on gcp, so i dont get why pulumi is stuck on it. Any idea ? Thanks.
@rough-dinner-7791 by changing your cluster to private, could it be that the machine where you run Pulumi doesn't have network access anymore to the cluster control plane API?
You can verify this with
commands and a properly configured context.
Thanks for your reply. Got access on my machine, everytime i start a pulumi up, pulumi try to reconfigure something (gcp show me the nodepool is working on something..) but dont know what and why
He's trying to scale down my nodepool, but i've got constraint on scaling so nodepool cant' scale down until my pods finished their work. Maybe it is the problem... Any solution to increast timeout?
What is the output of a
pulumi preview —diff
I killed my running pods, and nodepool scaled down before the 30mins, and my pulumi up finished well. Maybe after a timeout it should be interested to show how to increast timeout Got this problem on preproduction so the dirty fix was ok, but nice solution was increasting timeout i think
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