04/20/2022, 5:43 PM
Any helpful advice on how to recover a stack which is giving me errors like
getting selected stack: .pulumi/stacks/EKS-Test.json: snapshot integrity failure; refusing to use it:
pre-step event returned an error: failed to verify snapshot: resource urn:pulumi:EKS-Test::EKS::eks:index:Cluster$kubernetes:core/v1:ConfigMap::Test-nodeAccess refers to unknown provider urn:pulumi:EKS-Test::EKS::eks:index:Cluster$pulumi:providers:kubernetes::Test-eks-k8s::997386cc-3a20-42bd-a893-1ca95cb9772c
I ended up deleting the stack with
--disable-integrity-checking --force
set and then manually tidied up all the things in the AWS console. Not the easiest or neatest way to go about things, but it worked.