I started a new gcp stack and created a new bucket...
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I started a new gcp stack and created a new bucket, but now I suddenly get his unhelpful error message, which doesnt even specify which key is wrong or not existing
@jolly-kitchen-35206 a few things, can you tell us the version of pulumi you are using along with the version of pulumi-gcp? and if there's any way you can share your config that will also help (feel free to dm me)
give me a sec, I'll check, but it should be the latest
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any chance i could see your config? or have you used pulumi config set recently?
yes mom
btw it was working before, I had one line:
it created the bucket everything was fine
I commented everything out and kept this one line
it still gives me the same error
I found the solution, it seems to be associated with yarn workspaces? because when I create another blank gcp project, without yarn workspaces, it works flawlessly
Did your autocorrect change ma'am to mom, or did you mean that?