Hi, i found the pulumi will update the monitoringI...
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Hi, i found the pulumi will update the monitoringInterval everytime even i don't change anything, is it normal? it took a long time
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export const rds = new aws.rds.Instance(baseTags.Name, {
    tags: baseTags,
    engine: "postgres",
    engineVersion: "13.6",
    allocatedStorage: 500,
    maxAllocatedStorage: 2000,
    instanceClass: "db.m5.xlarge",
    backupRetentionPeriod: 7,
    backupWindow: "00:00-01:00",
    maintenanceWindow: "Mon:02:00-Mon:04:00",
    monitoringRoleArn: enhancedMonitoringRole.arn,
    monitoringInterval: 15,
    username: "postgres",
    password: baseConfig.dbPassword,
    dbName: baseConfig.dbName,
    storageType: "gp2",
    skipFinalSnapshot: false,
    dbSubnetGroupName: subnetGroup.name,
    vpcSecurityGroupIds: [networkingStack.getOutput("peeredSecurityGroupId")],
if this is happening every time, whilst i investigated I’d probably try setting
ignoreChanges: ['monitoringInterval']
in the pulumi component resource opts
like this ?
yep, looks good to me!
its not an ideal solution, but will help speed things up for you when you’re investigating whats going on
I might be wrong. But this is probably a parameter that is scheduled to be changed in the next maintenance window. So until it doesn´t happen, pulumi will always point this is an item to update. If this is the case, you can use