(Resolved) We're having issues automating the crea...
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(Resolved) We're having issues automating the creation of new stacks with passphrase secrets-provider. We assign the environment variable
ahead of running
$ pulumi stack select $CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME --create --secrets-provider passphrase --verbose 9
We see the initial stack get created with the following output
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  "version": 3,
  "checkpoint": {
    "stack": "dev"
But then immediately see the following ouput:
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Created stack 'dev'
error: incorrect passphrase
Any ideas on what could be going on?
If anyone else runs into this, it's likely caused by accidently committing a similar named stack to your repository. When the automation job runs, if you're expecting to create a stack on s3, it will still pick up the local stack json file and use whatever configuration you left when it was created. In our case, we just needed to stop tracking those local files that were unintentionally committed.