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04/12/2022, 1:12 PM
Hi all, I came across the fact that in python pulumi_aws, pulumi_aws.eks.NodeGroupScalingConfigArgs has desired_size as required. Does this make sense somehow? I thought it should be optional; for an autoscaling eks cluster, I’d like some way to be able to update the other scaling configs without changing desired count.
(I’m using pulumi_aws v4.26.0), but looks like this is still required in the latest version -
The issue here is that if I want to update e.g. the max_size of my autoscaling cluster (or just refresh the stack for whatever reason), I need to update the pulumi script with the current desired sizes too or else pulumi will undo whatever autoscaling changes have been made — this is pretty terrible for maintainability
Sounds like ignoreChanges could help here, but NodeGroupScalingConfigArgs doesn’t accept ResourceOptions -
It seems I should be able to pass opts=ResourceOptions(ignore_changes=[“scalingConfig.desiredSize”]) to the pulumi_eks.ManagedNodeGroup, but somehow that’s still showing desired_size being updated when I do pulumi preview