Hello, I have been facing some odd is issues with...
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Hello, I have been facing some odd is issues with Pulumi and GCP Uptime Check we added recently uptime checks to our pulumi stack, we create the uptime check like this
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ucc, err := monitoring.NewUptimeCheckConfig(ctx, name, &monitoring.UptimeCheckConfigArgs{
		DisplayName: pulumi.String("uptime check example"),
		HttpCheck: &monitoring.UptimeCheckConfigHttpCheckArgs{
			Path:          pulumi.String(fmt.Sprintf("/%s/status", "github")),
			Port:          <http://pulumi.Int|pulumi.Int>(443),
			RequestMethod: pulumi.String("GET"),
			UseSsl:        pulumi.Bool(true),
			ValidateSsl:   pulumi.Bool(true),
		MonitoredResource: &monitoring.UptimeCheckConfigMonitoredResourceArgs{
			Labels: pulumi.StringMap{
				"host": pulumi.String(targetUrl),
			Type: pulumi.String("uptime_url"),
		Period:  pulumi.String("60s"),
		Timeout: pulumi.String("10s"),
This was working fine, but then we decided to add an alert policy for this uptime check Note: here we forward the uptime check created previously
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args := monitoring.AlertPolicyArgs{
		DisplayName: pulumi.String(name),
		Combiner:    pulumi.String("AND"),
		Conditions: monitoring.AlertPolicyConditionArray{
				DisplayName: pulumi.String("Health check alerts for github %s", service.ShortName),
				ConditionThreshold: monitoring.AlertPolicyConditionConditionThresholdArgs{
					Filter:   pulumi.Sprintf("metric.type=\"<http://monitoring.googleapis.com/uptime_check/check_passed\|monitoring.googleapis.com/uptime_check/check_passed\>" AND metric.label.check_id=\"%s\" AND resource.type=\"uptime_url\"", uptimeCheck.UptimeCheckId),
					Duration: pulumi.String("60s"),
					Trigger: monitoring.AlertPolicyConditionConditionThresholdTriggerArgs{
						Count: pulumi.IntPtr(1),
					ThresholdValue: pulumi.Float64Ptr(1),
					Comparison:     pulumi.String("COMPARISON_LT"),
					Aggregations: monitoring.AlertPolicyConditionConditionThresholdAggregationArray{
							AlignmentPeriod:  pulumi.String("60s"),
							PerSeriesAligner: pulumi.String("ALIGN_COUNT_TRUE"),
		NotificationChannels: "alerts",
This worked fine in the first deployment, but the subsequent ones started to fail.
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error: deleting urn:pulumi:env::company::gcp:monitoring/uptimeCheckConfig:UptimeCheckConfig::uptime-check-github: 1 error occurred:
Error when reading or editing UptimeCheckConfig: googleapi: Error 400: Request contains an invalid argument.
What a noticed is the new uptime checks got created in our account, but GCP entered in some weird state where it could not delete the previous uptime check, the only way I managed to fix the stack was by deleting the old uptime checks manually, I also noticed that the old uptime checks still had alert policies attached to them Is there any idea of what could be happening? I personally can’t find what I have missed and there’s not much documenation around pulumi and uptime checks.
Is there any channel/place where I can get some help with Pulumi and Google Cloud Uptime Checks?
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