Hi All, we've started experimenting one issue usin...
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Hi All, we've started experimenting one issue using pulumi on Github Actions. the pulumi preview and the pulumi up command showing us the following error when it is trigering automatically
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build_result = await build_image(base_image_name, path_or_build, log_resource, cache_from)
        File "/home/runner/work/platform-infrastructure-iac-state/platform-infrastructure-iac-state/stack/engineering/notification-consumer-delivery/venv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/pulumi_docker/docker.py", line 445, in build_image
          f'No digest available for image {image_name}', log_resource)
      pulumi_docker.docker.ResourceError: No digest available for image ***.dkr.ecr.***.<http://amazonaws.com/hc/notification-consumer-delivery:placeholder|amazonaws.com/hc/notification-consumer-delivery:placeholder>
      error: an unhandled error occurred: Program exited with non-zero exit code: 1
But if we running the pulumi preview and pulumi up commands locally or even using the pulumi docker image, It works. We have the same pulumi_cli and pulumi runtime version on Github Actions and locally. Any idea how to solve it or Any tips for what to look for??
There is an issue with pulumi-docker==3.2. You have to downgrade to 3.1 and it will be working just fine.
thanks @witty-pharmacist-42636 Rolling back to the
pulumi-docker 3.1.0
version fixes it.
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