Hi all, I'm new in the Pulumi world, so forgive me...
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Hi all, I'm new in the Pulumi world, so forgive me if it is a stupid question. Our current VPC along is set up through
The issue I can't figure out is if there is a way to edit the route table that it has created in the background. I found documentation on importing and creating new route tables, but nothing on how to edit the existing route tables and if that is possible when you create the VPC using the Pulumi Crosswalk.
Pulumi is declarative: you declare the desired shape of a resource and Pulumi creates or updates it to match that shape. A flow which finds a resources, updates it and saves it is imperative, and is not supported by Pulumi.
In this case, you need to define the route tables in the normal manner, rather than using the defaults created by the AWSX convenience code.
You can create routes in a manner that looks to be "after the fact" by using
. This adds to the declarative definition of the route tables that AWSX creates.
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Thank you!!