04/04/2022, 3:51 AM
hi community👋, i know a lot of folks use pulumi (infra provisioning) as well as flux (for gitops). i am curious why there isn't a pulumi provider for flux given there is a terraform provider. i imagine we can use flux pulumi provider to deploy flux onto the cluster.


04/04/2022, 8:58 PM
It may simply be that no one who uses flux has chosen to implement the provider. If you're game for creating it, there's now the Pulumiverse to publish it to!


04/04/2022, 11:39 PM
wow great to know pulumiverse! i will definitely try it if i am going publish a pulumi provider. i was asking out of two reasons: 1. given the popularity of these two projects, i was wondering for anyone has already tried before but found there are some blockers/catches, which stop them from the conversation. 2. when there is no flux pulumi provider, how does everyone else install flux? installing via flux CLI doesn't seems a best practice since it's not automated, not codified(not reviewable/repeatable)