Hi guys, Let me ask a question about Pulumi prici...
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Hi guys, Let me ask a question about Pulumi pricing model. Recently I knew this posted blog (https://www.pulumi.com/blog/announcing-new-usage-based-pricing-for-your-whole-team/) about new pricing model of Pulumi (I didn't realize it until now...). According to the blog post, the new pricing model, Team edition, has a pricing structure that consumes credit according to each resource. However, our Pulumi account has an old pricing model, and the Team Starter plan is a model that pays by the number of team members like the attached image. Can we continue to use Pulumi with the old pricing model? Or will it be forced to move to a new pricing model? We have a lot of resources managed on Pulumi, and we are worried that one day we may suddenly get a high bill....
Ask for sales to contact you https://www.pulumi.com/contact/?form=sales
Thanks @echoing-dinner-19531, I posted my question via sales contact.