has anyone used the github provider `pull_request`...
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has anyone used the github provider
resource? https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/github/api-docs/repositorypullrequest/ https://registry.terraform.io/providers/integrations/github/latest/docs/resources/repository_pull_request This one seems a bit weird. Like you’d have to constantly be adding resources to a stack (new pull requests), or you need to automatically “forget” the resource, so you can recreate it? (
pulumi state rm
) I’m curious if anyone has used this before, and how they are using it.
From the upstream documentation:
// It’s not entirely clear how to treat PR deletion according to Terraform’s
// CRUD semantics. The approach we’re taking here is to close the PR unless
// it’s already closed or merged. Merging it feels intuitively wrong in what
// effectively is a destructor.
https://github.com/integrations/terraform-provider-github/blob/main/github/resource_github_repository_pull_request.go#L256 I guess this makes sense.