03/28/2022, 6:32 PM
hi 👋 I need some help. I have a GKE Cluster which is protected. After doing a
pulumi refresh
, every subsequent
pulumi preview
fails because the diff wants to delete-and-recreate the cluster, so it fails because the cluster is protected. However, pulumi doesn’t tell me why it wants to recreate the cluster. There’s no “details” to observe because the preview fails. So I have no idea how to edit the state or the code to bring everything back in sync. Is there a way to find out that information out of pulumi?
I’ve tried doing
pulumi preview -j
and inspecting the output. But
I also tried to find an old version of the state from the pulumi dashboard, but I can’t find it
I see there’s a
pulumi stack history
command.. is there a way to set a stack’s state to a previous state?