Hey Guys! Got a question here. Doing GCP Infra wi...
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Hey Guys! Got a question here. Doing GCP Infra with pulumi. We are deploying Managed Instance Groups, and we are running into a problem. When we do a pulumi up as part of our stack, the Instance Templates will be created as I have delete_before_replace set to true if the instance template needs an update. Then the code will update the MIGs updating the version to use the new instance template. However, if part of the update fails, and doesn't update the MIGs to use the new instance template, subsequent runs will try to delete the instance templates from the replace in a previous run, but can't because the MIGs still reference them. I am having a super hard time sorting dependency management when it comes to this. I have found some issues on the terraform side but was wondering has anyone run into this before. https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform-provider-google/issues/6277 I tried the recommended steps there with no luck.
Its almost as if Pulumi forgets that it didn't update the MIG with the instance template but still wants to delete the instance template