Hey guys, I've run into a problem where Pulumi kee...
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Hey guys, I've run into a problem where Pulumi keeps thinking that a resource have changed even when I haven't edited it. This appears to happen with the alb listener and taskdefinition + service
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pulumi:pulumi:Stack    currents-prod                  
 ~  ├─ aws:alb:Listener    so-shared-prod-swell-https-forward update   [diff: ~defaultActions]
 +- ├─ aws:ecs:TaskDefinition so-shared-prod-swell        replace   [diff: ~containerDefinitions]
 ~  └─ aws:ecs:Service     so-shared-prod-swell        update   [diff: ~taskDefinition]
Has anyone had this issue before?
This generally happens when there's defaults, or when there's a set / collection of items that's ordered difference in the state and in the provider.
If you check the diff, you should be able to figure out the changes required in your code to match the situation in the provider, which should result in the state / provider diff resolving itself.
okay cool ill take a look
managed to get around to this today and yeap looks like I was missing some defaults. Thanks for the help!
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Ideally Pulumi would know about defaults and auto-ignore them, but there's a lot of resources and a lot of defaults.. so sometimes we have to tweak our code to suit the provider. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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