6 months ago
    Hey all, I was wondering if someone else got this behaviour. Running pulumi up, the preview shows something different than what the update will actually do. For example the preview: 2022-03-16T07:24:25.3394059Z ~ 7 to update 2022-03-16T07:24:25.3394311Z - 1 to delete 2022-03-16T07:24:25.3394599Z 8 changes. 376 unchanged But the update finishes successfully reporting this: 2022-03-16T07:27:10.8394827Z Resources: 2022-03-16T07:27:10.8395196Z ~ 2 updated 2022-03-16T07:27:10.8395579Z 382 unchanged 2022-03-16T07:27:10.8395722Z 2022-03-16T07:27:10.8395984Z Duration: 2m8s Is this normal?


    6 months ago
    If some of the resources are changed inside applys, then yes.
    Always do your best to define resources outside apply().
    Your calls to apply() can generally happen when assigning values in the constructor.