Hey all, we're building an open climate policy dat...
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Hey all, we're building an open climate policy database, and I've stitched together a AWS/Python-based Pulumi config here: https://github.com/climatepolicyradar/navigator/blob/7b3b941d93ce25bc4b8067900d749daa58def81f/infra/__main__.py However, the last hurdle seems to be Elastic Beanstalk, failing with
Error: failed to pull docker image
I'm not sure where to authenticate the docker pull, so any pointers will be appreciated.
is missing something like this:
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"Authentication": {
    "Bucket": "mybucket",
    "Key": "docker_hub_auth.json"
does anyone have an example of how to achieve the above?
Have you tried the ECR credential helper? https://github.com/awslabs/amazon-ecr-credential-helper
I can get the image into ECR, but the issue is Elastic Beanstalk pulling it. Will ECR Credential Helper help with that? I.e. will it be able to render something I can put in the relevant "Authentication" section in Dockerrun.aws.json ?
hmm, the EB log is not auth-related, but has "invalid reference format". I'll look into that (seems as though the image is in an array, not a string).
2022/03/15 145936.478717 [ERROR] An error occurred during execution of command [app-deploy] - [Docker Specific Build Application]. Stop running the command. Error: failed to pull docker image: Command /bin/sh -c docker pull ['992954656374.dkr.ecr.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/cpr-container-registry-043f64e:xxxxxxx'] failed with error exit status 1. Stderr:invalid reference format
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