it seems the change doesn't get applied on each "u...
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it seems the change doesn't get applied on each "up"
Are there default values applied? If you're setting a value that isn't retained in the provider, and if you're using
up --refresh
or you're running
, then any values that are removed by the provider are remove from state, causing what you're seeing.
Your options are to ignore those properties, to skip the refresh, or to not specify those properties (if they're not needed).
i had originally set a property value by accident, and want to remove the value for the property
so i have removed the values that were previously set
should i do a
to clean up the state?
If you removed the property from the provider (AWS or whatever), then you'll need to
to update the state with that change. In general, make all changes to managed resources through Pulumi only.
yep, i have only made changes in pulumi
that's why i'm confused as to how it even got in this state
i set a property value using the auth0 provider, then removed that property and it's value in the pulumi definition
i just deleted those resources and recreated them, which looks to have fixed the problem
i'm guessing the stack state was just a bit wonky