Hi there, I just released and published my provide...
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Hi there, I just released and published my provider last Friday. Seems that is correctly in the registry but I get this error when I try to use it with the JS SDK (published on NPM)
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error: could not load plugin for checkly provider 'urn:pulumi:dev::pulumi-sample::pulumi:providers:checkly::default_0_0_1_alpha_1': no resource plugin 'checkly-v0.0.1-alpha.1' found in the workspace or on your $PATH, install the plugin using `pulumi plugin install resource checkly v0.0.1-alpha.1`
What is weird is that I am using the version
but for some reason it tries to find
. Any ideas what could be wrong?
Just hopping in here. @quiet-wolf-18467 is there something broken in the registry? We published the first version of our provider successfully to https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/checkly/ but as @rich-tiger-43483 mentions, when using it we need to manually install it as we get a 403 error otherwise.
I’ll take a look shortly 👍
OK. I’m taking a look and I’ve replicated your problem. Let me see if I can work this out now 😄
OK. Going through the code and this is all REALLY new
So unfortunately this install won’t work by default just now, we’ll need to use
This works:
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pulumi plugin install resource checkly v0.0.1-alpha.3 --server <https://github.com/checkly/pulumi-checkly/releases/download/v0.0.1-alpha.3>
Although your readme mentions this, so am I debugging the wrong problem? 😅
For the record, when I use the install command above and run
pulumi up
- it works 🙂
With regards to your error message, I’m assuming that you’re updating an existing stack - so you’ll need both 0.0.1-alpha.1 of the provider and 0.0.1-alpha.3
so you’ll need to run the install plugin command twice
I’m glad you tagged me, now I’m playing with Checkly 😄 This is awesome
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@quiet-wolf-18467 thanks for your reply and glad you are enjoying Checkly 😄
So, it’s something wrong in your side, and we will need to manually install the provider for now?
@quiet-wolf-18467 we added the install command to the Readme because of this issue. We are sending out a mailing tomorrow to early users and want to get the install flow as easy as possible
Cool. I’m working with the Registry team to pull this information from the YAML we have in the repo and to make this smarter, but we’ll need a little time
Feel free to reach out anytime
Thank you!
Hi @quiet-wolf-18467 , do you have any updates about this?
Sorry, I’ve been moving house and today is my first day back. I’m requesting an update from engineering, though it may be later today before they get back to me
Hi @quiet-wolf-18467, how are you? Just want to check if you have any updates about this issue.
Is this still a problem? I thought this was fixed 😅
Reaching out to our integrations team to see what's happening here 🙏
Let me double check
This is what I get when I try to install, I am using the tf boilerplate. Maybe something needs to be updated in the scaffolding files?
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❯ npm i

> @checkly/pulumi@0.0.1-alpha.7 install /Users/ianaya89/Development/checkly/pulumi-sample/node_modules/@checkly/pulumi
> node scripts/install-pulumi-plugin.js resource checkly 0.0.1-alpha.7

[resource plugin checkly-0.0.1-alpha.7] installing
error: [resource plugin checkly-0.0.1-alpha.7] downloading from <https://github.com/checkly/pulumi-checkly/releases/${VERSION}>: 404 HTTP error fetching plugin from <https://github.com/checkly/pulumi-checkly/releases/0.0.1-alpha.7/pulumi-resource-checkly-v0.0.1-alpha.7-darwin-amd64.tar.gz>

There was an error installing the resource provider plugin. You may try to manually installing the plugin by running `pulumi plugin install resource checkly 0.0.1-alpha.7`

> protobufjs@6.11.3 postinstall /Users/ianaya89/Development/checkly/pulumi-sample/node_modules/protobufjs
> node scripts/postinstall
I guess the URL’s where is trying to look for the provider are not correct or there is a forming error there
I did some testing locally and this appeared to work
but please confirm 🙂
Working now, thanks! I have a different (and probably unrelated issue now). I open a ticket on GitHub