Hi good people! Apologies for the cross-posting bu...
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Hi good people! Apologies for the cross-posting but this is a basic question about pulumi that I'm hoping has been addressed before: I have renamed the resource name (the first argument in a resource constructor) and pulumi up complains with a Error 409 that the resource already exists - what is the best practice on dealing with this? I have already: 1. used an alias 2. used delete_before_replace = True So I'm not sure why I would still get this issue? Would really love some insight into this!
You can rename with the CLI https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/cli/pulumi_state_rename/ Though I would have expected an alias to work too
@quiet-wolf-18467 Hey I'm using the automation API so no CLI for me
The alias seems to work for 'name' but not 'resource_name' (first constructor in resource)