```--expect-no-changes Return ...
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--expect-no-changes                     Return an error if any changes occur during this update
is somewhat ambiguous
I believe it’s supposed to stop processing if changes are detected. I just tested this and it does not seem to be the case.
It's only really useful on
pulumi preview
it simply adds a check at the end of the engine operations to see if any changes we're done (or proposed for preview)
If you want to ensure operations really don't happen you want to use the new update plans feature
Ok, interesting
that's definitely not what I thought was happening
Yeh I think we should either improve the wording of this option, or change it to actually error out before any change. Changing it sounds better but there might be things depending on this current behaviour.
yeah, obviously my opinion doesn't count for much here, but I'd vote to deprecate it and then promote something using your new plans feature with a log message 🤷‍♂️