Is there any more detailed documentation, or are t...
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Is there any more detailed documentation, or are there any more detailed examples, of using Pulumi with Azure Devops and Github Actions as CI/CD platforms? I've read the documents available under But to me they seem lacking in detail and in addressing real-world scenarios, e.g. a release pipeline which accounts for Test, UAT, and Production environments (since each would be a different Pulumi stack). We're at the point in our Pulumi research where I'm reasonably comfortable with how to write a Pulumi program that will define all our resources and that can be used for different environments / stacks. But unless we're super confident with how Pulumi would fit into our use of CI/CD, we won't be able to go forward with adopting Pulumi. So any help on this front? Thank you.
We generally use GitHub Actions on many of our open-source repos at As a lot of them do a bit of gymnastics to build because we have to build the actual package, I'm asking around for more straightforward examples internally. For Azure DevOps, here's an example from our examples repo:
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Ok, I found one of our repos has a GHA version that doesn't do any gymnastics. Unfortunately, it's one of our private repos, so I apologize for the wall of incoming code!
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example PR GHA workflow
example deployment GHA workflow
We also adopted Pulumi for all of our projects and are using GitHub Actions as a CI/CD platform. I'm talking about some 30 repositories ranging from simple ones to those needing a little bit more orchestration (e.g. creating Lambda deployment packages, multiarch Docker image builds or interleaving Pulumi provisioning with building applications on the runner). So far we haven't encountered anything that wouldn't be solved and are more than happy.
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