Hi everyone. Getting a strange error when setting ...
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Hi everyone. Getting a strange error when setting up an ECR RegistryScanningConfiguration. The config can have multiple rules. A rule (according to the Pulumi source, and AWS config) can have a value of "SCAN_ON_PUSH", "CONTINUOUS", or "MANUAL". I've been able to provision a config with a "SCAN_ON_PUSH" rule. Adding a "MANUAL" rule causes it to break on validation.
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1 error occurred:
	* updating urn:pulumi:production::<service-name>::aws:ecr/registryScanningConfiguration:RegistryScanningConfiguration::<service-name>: 1 error occurred:
	* error creating ECR Registry Scanning Configuration: InvalidParameterException: Invalid parameter failed to satisfy constraint: 'Invalid scan frequency: MANUAL'
Any pointers?
Here's a snippet from the module.
I see the problem. Manual triggers are only available for basic scans, not enhanced 🤦🏿
Please ignore.