Hi Guys - Is it possible for me to access the outp...
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Hi Guys • Is it possible for me to access the output of resources in a separate project under the same organisation or is it limited to outputs of multiple stacks in the same project? My use case is to create one project with the main infrastructure, and a separate project which would need to access the resources created in the main project to create the infra needed for the CI/CD work. • Also, is it possible to include/exclude different parts of the resource group at a stack level? Thanks
• yeah, you just use StackReference • yeah, you can introspect which stack is being deployed, but if you have resources that belong in one environment but not another, you might want to consider creating a new project instead. configuration/stacks should probably handle things like vertical/horizontal scaling, special resources per-environment probably constitute another project. there are some exceptions, of course, but that's how i've been approaching it
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Thank you @mammoth-art-6111 That makes sense