Hello, I am currently configuring an aws network w...
# general
Hello, I am currently configuring an aws network with pulumi. I have a question. I already have a subnet created. cidr crash when resource_name is changed. Is there any way to solve this?
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# example code
from pulumi import ResourceOptions
import pulumi_aws as aws

aws_vpc = aws.ec2.Vpc(
    cidr_block    = '',
    tags          = default_tags

aws_public_subnet = aws.ec2.Subnet(
        resource_name     = 'public-subnet-change', # <= Originally a "public-subnet"
        vpc_id            = aws_vpc.id,
        cidr_block        = '',
        availability_zone = 'ap-northeast-2a',
        tags              = default_tags,
        opts              = ResourceOptions(delete_before_replace=True)
Do you want to perform this update? yes Updating (dev): Type Name Status Info pulumipulumiStack pulumi-demo-dev failed 1 error + └─ awsec2Subnet public-subnet-change creating failed 1 error Diagnostics: pulumipulumiStack (pulumi-demo-dev): error: update failed awsec2Subnet (public-subnet-change): error: 1 error occurred: * error creating EC2 Subnet: InvalidSubnet.Conflict: The CIDR ‘’ conflicts with another subnet status code: 400, request id: *
yes, pick another subnet 🙂 you can't have two subnets with the same cidr
@billowy-army-68599 After creating a VPC and subnet through
pulumi up
with the code above, In the existing code, if the “resource_name” of the subnet is changed and then
pulumi up
is performed again, there seems to be a conflict.
you need to add a
resource option: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/resources/options/deletebeforereplace/