Does anyone know how to stop Pulumi from collectin...
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Does anyone know how to stop Pulumi from collecting git information? I was quite surprised to find a lot of git info under the environment tab in the Pulumi UI. Not sure I like that Pulumi collects this info. at all.
I’m not sure how to stop it collecting, but you can remove the data as it is stored in tags on the stack.
Are you referring to the vcs: tags? Those are added when you use the CLI to create a project/stack. If you create it manually, the values are not set. (I had the opposite problem; I create all my stacks manually, and none of this useful info was being presented for me.)
This was a project created manually and much later in the life of the project was the project initialised as a git repo. I find it quite invasive that Pulumi collects this info without a warning and it may actually be a show stopper for us.
@bored-table-20691 All nice and dandy but it shouldn't be necessary to have to do that. Pulumi should offer a way to turn it off.
There's also the question of GDPR