when creating a `docker.Image()`, how can I specif...
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when creating a
, how can I specify multiple tags? say ":1.0" and ":latest"? what I currently do to work around is to create two images, but that's a) annoying because they need to have different resource-names and b) leads to the creation of two resources where I logically have only one with 2 tags.
I'm not seeing a way around it from the docs, but... You could maybe make some of the annoyances less obnoxious by grouping them in a component resource so they can act as a single logical resource w/ more resources nested inside?
I probably could... but that's sort of a lot of extra effort for a totally day-to-day scenario working with Docker...
yeah, it's a shit option
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hmm... looks like the underlying terraform provider allows a list of tags https://registry.terraform.io/providers/kreuzwerker/docker/latest/docs/resources/image
not seeing an issue in the pulumi provider to support it