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🧵 Slack is great for realtime help (props to @bored-table-20691 💯 for some critical help recently, saved me serious time! woohoo). I'd like to see more visible/searchable info as Slack is kinda a walled garden and without premium the message limit prevents the benefit of reading prior similar answers.
I'd like to suggest considering some more visible way to capture some answers whether GitHub Discussions routed to slack so it's visible in the repo, or consider using Stack Overflow with pulumi tag. Right now as a newer adopter the hardest thing for me is jump starting certain things or practices that either not typical usage, or just don't have docs covering. I try to review GitHub but I'm betting lots of gold buried here in slack too that's not easily searchable. As one option, I've seen slack community generate searchable archives of their slack history as an alternative (not as good as a forum/qa style setup, but a good compromise if slack is that critical). that's it, just a user proposal to consider for the community. thanks!
Hey @chilly-plastic-75584, we're having discussions internally about this very topic and hopefully we can share something soon.
Pulumi provides its own GitHub discussions area for searchable community-driven Q&A. Does this get part way to where you'd like to be? https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/discussions
I've been using it already. I just noticed that lots of great help internally but in slack as much as instant gratification is nice, I much prefer my pain and help for me to benefit others and not be hidden in a walled garden. Slack communities IMO are challenge as they are "ephemeral" but the knowledge and troubleshooting shared is beneficial to a much larger audience. Stack Overflow is used by some so I think that's a pretty great way to keep things targeted and less "discussion oriented", but I'm guessing discussions would be better. I'm guessing the nature of pulumi adopters is already: • they know and are driven to google/research before asking • They are dealing with less well defined exploratory questions that aren't specific errors always (otherwise worth an issue). Like "Proper way to handle semver tagging in Pulumi K8 stack", is subjective and more discussion oriented than a stack overflow question with a solid yes or no answer. It benefits the users of your repo and allows discussions + issues to be linked. I'd be fine with github discussions as a great option in contrast. There's my quick 10 cents 🙂
Just to add a note - as a person trying to answer questions, I’m more likely to do it here, for a couple of reasons: 1. A Discussion reply has a higher bar for me - I’d want to really make sure I’m saying the right thing, and not have to edit or clarify a ton. 2. Many questions require some back and forth, and it’s much easier to have it here than it is on Discussions.
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Same. Plus the interactivity of responding often helps encourage new users on their path to proficiency (and addiction 😉 ).
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